As its name suggests, ideaerospace is a website oriented to the aerospace world:

  • To share general updates and breaking news related to this great industry.
  • To inform about applicable new technologies,  creative or innovation techniques.
  • Opened to any aero-fan no matter the expertise or level of knowledge.
  • Free discussion and opinions about any related topic are more than welcome.
  • To share specific job opportunities within this attractive world (prospective goal).
  • If you like to ‘think out of the box’ in addition to the aerospace industry, aviation, aeronautics or any other ‘aero’ or ‘air’ subject, this is your website.

Let me introduce myself in brief, Alberto Pascual, the creator of ideaerospace: a Spanish Aeronautical Engineer who likes to be informed about any aerospace subject and to freely discuss and share opinions about them. Although not a true expert in any specific area, my career path through different roles and enterprises has kept my curiosity always active in this regard. Furthermore, I’m always willing to explore new areas of interest and opened to new challenges. Innovation and creativity are of course part of them so that they will be an important part of this website.

I truly hope we’ll spend great times here.

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